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Welcome to Zenned!

The Zenned website is about e-commerce and the highly popular Zen Cart software.

Who is Zenned?

I am a UK based programmer and IT professional specialising in the open source Zen Cart e-commerce software.Who am I ?

I've worked with and programmed for most of the free open source online e-commerce applications over many years in IT, but the one that stands out as being truly 'fit for purpose' is Zen Cart because of it's versatility, security, and modular approach to it's construction.

There are hundreds of shopping cart programs available, but none come anywhere close to offering the level of options, features and support available with Zen Cart. Even expensive commercial programs have a hard time competing.

In common with any other ecommerce software package, users will have a moderate learning curve in order to become comfortable using it. And depending on your IT skills, you might benefit from a bit of tuition in using it, and if you need to modify or adapt the software to your particular needs you may need the help and input of a Zen Cart professional if you don't understand PHP or MySql.

What do I do?

I offer a wide range of technical, advisory, consultancy, management, and programming services which you may find useful if you already use, are setting up, or considering setting up an e-commerce store using Zen Cart.

My Services IncludeCan I help?

Zen Cart Website Design
Zen Cart Template Installation
Zen Cart Template Modifications
Zen Cart Module Installations
Zen Cart Module Modifications
Zen Cart Module Creation
Zen Cart Backup & Disaster Recovery
Zen Cart Security
Zen Cart Upgrades
Zen Cart Technical Support
Advice is just a phone call away!

Call me for a FREE, friendly, no obligation chat... 01736 888150

Contact Information

PO Box 105
Cornwall TR13 3AH
Telephone: 01736 888150
Email: Contact Me 

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