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Mike. many thanks for everything you'd done. It's been a painless process for me which has been a joy.
Marie Wolman,

Mike has been wonderful in patience, advice and encouragement whilst we developed our new Zen Cart website...  I can honestly say that the help and overall support given by Mike has been pretty amazing.
Edina Lacey,

Brilliant! The support, advice and help from Mike has been absolutely fantastic. I'm not that computer literate but patient tuition from Mike helped me to learn my way around Zen Cart, and I can now manage it pretty well, although I still have to telephone for a bit of help and advice now and then...
Paul Williams

Since moving our website development to Zenned in January Mike has been tireless in getting our Zen Cart working exactly how we wanted, plus his knowledge of SEO has raised our profile at Google right to the first page for many of our products - In 6 months our turnover has increased ten fold, and we have needed to take on new staff to cope with the increased online order volume!

Zen Cart Version Upgrades

I am regularly asked if I can upgrade Zen Cart to the latest version... The answer very definitely yes
In fact it is highly advisable to upgrade if you are running any Zen Cart version lower than 1.39h because any website running Zen Cart version less than 1.39h is a ticking time bomb! ALL and every version without exception below 1.39h is highly vulnerable to being hacked, and sooner or later hackers will unquestionably locate, and compromise your store... It's just a matter of time.

The second question is always "How much will it cost?"

The cost of an upgrade for an unmodified Zen Cart installation is £100.00 plus the cost of upgrading any addon modules (plugins) that may exist in the existing installation. So the initial answer is I can't give a firm price till I know more about your current installation.

The majority of Zen Cart installations are rarely unmodified, most have one or two plugins installed, so the cost of an upgrade is very much dependent on what addon modules you have installed because a
software upgrade not only entails overwriting all of the existing Zen Cart core files, it will almost certainly impact on any addon modules (plugins) you have installed in your existing Zen Cart installation.

Many plugins used in older Zen Cart versions may not be compatible with Zen Cart 1.51, but most now have equivalent and fully compatible plugins for the new Zen Cart version, so in addition to the version upgrade, they would need to be upgraded at the same time.

The cost of all work is based on time needed to be spent in connection with the job, some jobs can take an hour or two, or some 4 hours or more, it all depends on which addons are installed.

No plugin is the same, each one has a level of complexity to install from fairly simple to considerably difficult, some conflict with other modules, or need integrating with them, so the time spent upgrading them to be compatible with the new Zen Cart software (and each other) will vary.

In order that I can cost the work for you fairly I need to evaluate the work that needs to be done, which means I need to access your Zen Cart .

The cost of this initial evaluation and report is £20 and is deducted from the final cost of the work
should you place an order for the upgrade.
If you would like me to perform an upgrade evaluation, then please click this link which will take you to the Zenned Customer Portal where you can place your order.

I will get back to you to let you know the results of the evaluation, and a final price for the upgrade.

Contact Information

PO Box 105
Cornwall TR13 3AH
Telephone: 01736 888150
Email: Contact Me 

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