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Zenned! E-commerce Guide - Overview

Online Shopping is growing year on year

If your business sells anything to the public, and isn't already online, then Isn't it about time it was?

Opening an online store has been the saviour, and has increased profitability of many small high street businesses who are competing with major supermarkets and superstores that have opened up on their doorstep.
Not only has it enabled them to compete, the relatively low overheads incurred in running an online store has levelled the playing field, and is enabling many small enterprises (SME's) and retailers to earn a respectable living and compete very successfully with the big brand-name online stores.

An e-commerce system deployed by small retailers not only opens new marketing opportunities, it can also play an important role in strengthening relationships and improving the efficiency of your dealings with local customers, suppliers and other key trading partners.

Yes, it does increase your annual costs, and it does involve a bit more work, but your business could be reaping the benefits of owning an online store for as little as £130 a year!

This brief guide looks at the key issues to consider when planning for the introduction of e-commerce into your business, it also provides advice on how best to identify and exploit any opportunities for e-commerce within your business, and what e-commerce solutions are available to you.

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