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Getting Paid

One of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce store is getting paid, or more precisely, what checkout payment options can I offer my buyers.
The following list are the standard payment options included in Zen Cart (SIM) (AIM) - eCheck
Cash on Delivery
FirstData/Linkpoint/YourPay API
Check/Money Order
PayPal Website Payments Standard - IPN
PayPal Website Payments Pro
PayPalExpress Checkout
There are numerous alternative payment modules available, such as WorldPay, Google Checkout, and Amazon Checkout that can be downloaded and added into your Zen Cart store.
PayPal will be familiar to most shop owners and buyers, so should always be included as a checkout option. The only caveat on that is.. there is a long standing distrust of PayPal by some buyers, and they won't use it, so you do need to have alternative checkout payment options if your store is going to maximise it's sales potential.
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Most of the online store owners I work with use PayPal but also have an alternative payment gateway such as Secure Trading which safely processes direct Credit/Debit card payments for you. A big bonus with this particular gateway is a MOTO (Mail Order telephone Order) interface is available, so you can also process mail, email and telephone orders.
Even if you have an online store complete with multiple checkout options, it's surprising how many buyers will to call by telephone and place orders so it's handy to have a mail order/telephone order interface (MOTO) available as well as payments from your website. A Secure Trading gateway includes a MOTO interface

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