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Submitting your Website

One of the most frequent queries I get is... "Hi Mike, Can you help? I've set up my Zen Cart store but I can't find it in Google"

That prompts me to ask... "Have you submitted your website URL Google and Bing? You won't get listed till you do"

Setting up a website or an online store, doesn't necessarily mean that your website will automagically get indexed by the search engines, so it's important to submit your website URL to the main search engines so they can crawl and index your web site.

The majority of smaller search engines obtain their search data from Bing or Google, so submit your website URL to Google & Bing and over time you are likely to finish up on many other search sites as well.

Submit your website URL to Bing

Submit your website URL to Google
UK Sites -
US Sites -

You'll need to wait two or three weeks for Google to crawl your site.

To find out if your site has been crawled, type the following into Google's search box:... site:www.yoursiteurl.ext (yoursiteurl.ext being your own site URL such as - Example:

If Google has indexed your site, you will see a list of pages from your site returned on the results page.

As soon as site:www.yoursiteurl.ext returns some of your website pages you know that Google has crawled your site, so now you can start the process of 'SEO Optimisation' which is analysing how Google is 'seeing' your pages, and comparing how well your site is listing against competitor sites.

In the beginning, when Google first lists your site, you are likely to get reasonably good results in general searches, but after a time Google will have anylised your pages more closely, and your URL could begin to slide downwards in search result pages if the pages have not been optimised for search.
See: Optimising your web pages for Search for a brief guide

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