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Mike. many thanks for everything you'd done. It's been a painless process for me which has been a joy.
Marie Wolman,

Mike has been wonderful in patience, advice and encouragement whilst we developed our new Zen Cart website...  I can honestly say that the help and overall support given by Mike has been pretty amazing.
Edina Lacey,

Brilliant! The support, advice and help from Mike has been absolutely fantastic. I'm not that computer literate but patient tuition from Mike helped me to learn my way around Zen Cart, and I can now manage it pretty well, although I still have to telephone for a bit of help and advice now and then...
Paul Williams

Since moving our website development to Zenned in January Mike has been tireless in getting our Zen Cart working exactly how we wanted, plus his knowledge of SEO has raised our profile at Google right to the first page for many of our products - In 6 months our turnover has increased ten fold, and we have needed to take on new staff to cope with the increased online order volume!

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Shipping by UK Postcode

Shipping by UK Postcode
Parcelforce, DHL, UPS, FedEx, City Link, Hermes, HDNL, TNT, and most UK carriers charge extra for delivery of packages to postcode destinations outside of mainland England, such as deliveries to Northern Ireland, some TR postcodes, the Scottish Highlands & islands, the Channel Islands etc.
There are no standard shipping methods in Zen Cart that enable you to work around the problem of shipping to UK postcode destinations that are not on the UK mainland, such as in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands and TR postcodes... So I have created a shipping module that does just that.
The Zenned Shipping by Postcode module enables you to split the UK into standard and premium delivery zones by postcode, so when a buyer places an order on your website, the Shipping by Postcode module will calculate the shipping charge based on the delivery postcode entered by the customer.
I can install and set up this module in your Zen Cart installation..
Or for DIY installation, use the following instructions

Module Installation
Download the module and unzip the archive, then upload the contents into your Zen Cart installation.. The folder structure of the upload matches the standard Zen Cart setup so as long as you upload to the folder where your Zen Cart software is installed, the new shipping module files will be put into the correct place.

Module Activation
After uploading the module components to your server, activate the module by going to Admin->Modules->Shipping in your Zen Cart admin area and a list of available shipping modules will appear. Click on the green dot next to the one labeled Shipping by UK Postcode (ukpost). A list of settings will appear on the right. Click the Edit button to edit the settings.


Postcodes are already pre-entered in the Zones in the following order...

  • Zone 1: Non premium postcodes - No postcode entries are required in this field, the module assumes that if the premium destination postcode is not found in Zones 2-4 then the postcode is a UK mainland address.

  • Zone 2: Scottish Highlands & Islands
  • Zone 3: Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, & The Isles of Scilly.
  • Zone 4: Jersey & Guernsey.


Standard postage and carrier parcel rates have been inserted into the default setup (current as of Feb 2011), but if you want to change the default settings then insert your standard postage charges for UK mainland in the box labeled Zone 1 Shipping Table and 'premium' post charges in the shipping tables for Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4.

If you want to add a handling charge to the shipping cost, then set that up in the Handling Fee field for each zone.

Don't enter postcodes into the default Zone (Zone 1), this has been set up as the default Zone covering the whole of the UK with the exception of any postcodes that you enter into Zone 2 upwards.

To add additional postcodes, enter them into the Zone X Postcodes fields, where "X" is the number of the zone.
Postcodes should be entered as 3 or 4 digit postcodes using the first alphanumeric code. Example: TR25,PH17,IV1 etc.
Postcode entries should be separated by commas with no spaces or other punctuation.

Tip: If the module display in Zen Cart Admin is being pushed over to the left hand side then you can add , &, (space-ampersand-comma) between postcode entries which will create line breaks in the display, and won't affect operation of the module.

Next you need to set up the shipping/delivery rate tables for each zone including Zone 1 (Mainland UK) This is where you enter your shipping price for any mainland destination.
If you are setting rates by weight then rates are entered as 1:4.99,2:5.99,3:6.99 etc
Shipping cost would then be determined as up to 1kg = 4.99, between 1 and up to 2kg 5.99, and over 2 kg up to 3kg would be 6.99.

If you are setting shipping by order value, then set the rates to suit whatever you want to set as the 'target' order values..
Example: Setting 99.99:5.99,100:0.00 would create a shipping table where if the order value was 99.99 or less, shipping would be charged at 5.99. Order values over 100.00 would cost 0.00 (free).

The Shipping by UK Postcode module does not change any core Zen Cart files or modify the Zen Cart database however, whilst I am fully confident that this module will not break or do any other damage to your Zen Cart installation, it's always good practice to back up both your database and Zen Cart files before making any changes to your application.

The UK Post module is supplied 'as-is' and is used strictly at your own risk, no liability will be accepted for any damage, consequential or otherwise from it's use.

At this time, this module does not deal with weights, prices and or units that are above the highest amount you have defined. I will work on this for the next version of the module. Until then, you should set the last setting to a high range with a very high shipping rate. Example: 999:100.00

The Shipping by UK Postcode shipping module has been created to enable Zen Cart owners to allocate additional shipping charges to 'premium' postcode destinations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

By default, the module comes with support for the 4 standard UK postcode zones. If you wanted to introduce more zones, such as if your business offers free delivery to 'local' postcodes then you can add a new zone, and enter the free delivery postcode(s) into it. Adding a new zone requires that you edit the line that defines $this->num_zones found in /includes/modules/shipping/ukpost.php.
You will need to de-install and re-install the ukpost module if you change the number of zones, to have the extra zone(s) show up in the admin.

The module is released by Zenned as a FREE download under the GNU General Public License Download the module here -> FREE DOWNLOAD

Have this module installed by Zenned in your Zen Cart installation..

Postcode Module Q & A

I'm having some problems with configuring the Shipping by Postcode module to work with my Zen Cart installation, can I ring or email you to get answers to my questions?

In short, the answer to that is, sorry but whilst I have donated the Shipping by Postcode module freely to the Zen Cart community, it's totally impractical spend unpaid time answering questions or resolving problems unless you have a technical support contract in place with Zenned!
Will the Shipping by Postcode module work with the new Zen Cart versions such as 1.5 1.51 etc?

Yes, the Shipping by Postcode module works with the latest Zen Cart versions
I have installed the Shipping by Postcode module but the Shipping Estimator is doubling the weight! What's wrong?

Strange or incorrect weight values could be showing because a Tare weight value is being added by Zen Cart... The default setting on new Zen Cart installations is set to 0:3 which will have the effect of doubling the weight. To correct this check the Package Tare Small to Medium - added percentage:weight setting found under Configuration->Shipping/Packaging in your Zen Cart admin area, and set the value to 0 (zero)
I have installed the Shipping by Postcode module but the shipping part of the shopping cart returns UK Postcode "Not applicable". What's wrong?

The shipping by postcode module is designed to handle postcode zones in the UK and "Not Applicable" will be shown when United Kingdom isn't selected as the country part of the delivery address. If you want to ship goods both inside and outside of the UK, then use the Zones module and the UK Postcode module in conjunction with each other.
I want to offer free local deliveries to nearby postcodes, how do I do that?

That can be easily achieved using the Shipping by Postcode module.

If you plan to ship goods to the rest of the UK as well then the first thing you will need to do is increase the amount of available zones in order to create one for your free postcode areas.

To do that, you first need to uninstall the module via the Zen Cart admin by clicking the 'Uninstall' button.

Next.. Access your Zen Cart installation by FTP, and open the following file for editing /includes/modules/shipping/ukpost.php

Then... Around line 108 edit the statement $this->num_zones = 4; to read$this->num_zones = 5; And then save it.

Next... Re-install the module via your Zen Cart Admin by clicking the 'Install' button.

After you have re-installed the module, click the 'Edit' button. You will now have 5 Zones

In the 5th Zone (Zone 5 Post Codes), enter the postcodes where you will deliver free example: SW19,SW20

Then in the Zone 5 Shipping Table enter 5000:0.00

All deliveries to SW19 & SW20 will then show as 0.00 (free) in the shopping cart.

If you want to ship to postcodes SW19 & SW20 free only if the order value is over £20, then set the Calculation Method (at the top of the page) to 'Price', and then in the Zone 5 Shipping Table enter 19.99:5.00,5000.00:0.00

That would set the shipping charge to £5.00 for orders 19.99 or under, and free (£0.00) if the order value was £20.00 or over.

Can I use this module for next day shipping?

Yes and No.. For accuracy, Next Day shipping would need a database table of bank holiday dates, and daily cut off times in order to present the buyer with an accurate estimate of when their order would arrive, i.e. If someone places an order at 10pm at night, they would be unlikely to get their parcel next day, but if you don't see that as problem, then yes you could use it for that purpose.

To have 'Next Day shipping displayed on your checkout page the edit the line that says define('MODULE_SHIPPING_UKPOST_TEXT_TITLE', 'Standard Parcel'); found in /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ukpost.php to read define('MODULE_SHIPPING_UKPOST_TEXT_TITLE', 'Next Day Delivery');


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